Here’s a few interesting things I learned about Silver and Gold some time ago that I thought were valuable.First, it’s important to know that Silver and Gold are both traded and referenced by the ounce. So if you ever hear someone refer to “the price of Silver” they’re referring to its price per ounce. This ounce reference dates back to early history when Silver and Gold were exchanged and traded by current ounce value. That current per ounce value is referred to as the spot price today. You’ll need to know that if you are, or get interested in investing in these and other precious metals. This spot price only refers to raw the  refined metal… not collectible coins or other forms of currency.Next, you should know some basics about the value of precious metal and how it is determined. This is short and sweet and easy to remember… the more rare the metal, the more valuable it is. Gold is much more rare than Silver, which determines the value difference. The range of this spot price variance has been between 14.14:1 in 1687, and 99.76: in 2012… and all points in between over that 325 year span. Other factors that determine the value of these metals are density, environmental/chemical properties, utility range/limitations, melting point, and market desirability… or how popular it is among consumers. Believe it or not, gold isn’t the most valuable metal known to man. Actually, it’s the third most rare/valuable metal we know of, edged out only by Rhodium (#1), and Platinum (#2).Next, its important to know that silver usually responds similarly to the spot price of Gold. Spot price means the present price per ounce of a precious metal. Other than the public perception of these two metals being seemingly joined at the spot price hip, there’s no real way to establish a hard relationship in the fluctuation in the price of Silver and Gold.Last but absolutely not least, and remembering that Gold is considerably more rare than Silver, it is important to note that the demand for Silver has continued to increase over the last two decades, while it’s supply remains static. Because of this – and the fact that more than half of the demand for Silver comes from the Industrial Sector – the Great Metal Minds (I just made that up) predict that the value of Silver will increase to upwards of $200/oz. by 2022. Where’s all this industrial demand coming from, you ask? Well, the answer is no farther than your fingertips. Because Silver has the best electrical and thermal conductivity, and the lowest contact resistance of all metals, it is the top choice for the circuitry in all cell phones, computers, and gaming devices. Not to mention its popularity in jewelry, coinage, dentistry, photography and batteries. Something else I didn’t know was that Silver has great antibacterial properties, which make it ideal for many health related industries. Who knew?So, maybe it’s worth taking a look at Silver… or even buying some. But don’t take my word for it 😉

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