All Mediator Training Courses offered by Consensus Professional Development, LLC comply with and are approved by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission of the Tennessee Supreme Court, as well as the Tennessee Commission for Continuing Legal Education and Specialization. 12 Hour TSC Rule 31 Domestic Violence Training Course for Family Mediators.(pursuant to T.C.A. §36-6-409 (5)(B) and T.C.A. §36-6-107 (a)(2) This course is offered throughout the year in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville with course offerings generally on Thursdays and Fridays. The course of instruction is presented in the form of lecture, discussion, role play, instructor/attendee critique and digital video support. Each attendee will portray each party to mediation within (two) different role play scenarios [based on actual, recently mediated domestic violence disputes]. Upon completion of this course, the trainee will be trained in techniques and methods to assist them in becoming aware of how domestic violence issues can impact the mediation process. This course has been approved by the Tennessee Commission for Continuing Legal Education and Specialization for 12.0 Hours General CLE credit. The cost/tuition for this course is $500.00 and requires a minimum attendance of ten (10) participants and a maximum of twenty-five (25) [first-come, first-served with five attendees in reserve]. CLE Reporting Fee ($7.50 per hour) is not included in this cost/tuition. All required supplies and materials are provided by the training firm. For purposes of TSC Rule 31 training certification, this course requires hour-for-hour attendance, with no exceptions. Specific areas of instruction include:
  • Confidentiality: Child and Spousal Abuse
  • Maintaining Control of Mediation with Domestic Violence Issues
  • Forms of Domestic Abuse
  • Profiles of Abusers and Victims
  • Effects of Domestic Abuse and Violence on Children
  • Custody Issues and Visitation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence
  • Safety Assessment, Preparation and Planning
  • Communication Techniques: Verbal, Para-Verbal, and Non-Verbal
  • De-Escalation Techniques: Verbal, Para-Verbal, and Non-Verbal
  • Recognizing Symptoms and Signs of Abuse
  • Tennessee Courts Response to Domestic Violence: Order of Protection
  • Community Resources
  • 2 separate Role Play Scenarios Depicting Domestic Violence Disputes
 Upon completion of this course, the trainee will possess the skills to mediate a broad variety of disputes involving Domestic Violence issues most commonly occurring in Tennessee’s judicial system today.IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone may attend and complete this training regardless of level of education or work experience. To be Listed by the Tennessee Supreme Court as a Rule 31 Family Mediator Specially Trained in Domestic Violence Issues, however, the applicant must have a graduate degree plus four years of full time practical work experience, or a baccalaureate degree plus six years of full time practical work experience. Full time practical work experience is defined as 35 hours or more of work per week.Applicants for Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listing are required to have baccalaureate degrees and graduate degrees only awarded by an institution of higher education accredited by an agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education and approved or listed by the United States Department of Education, as a recognized accrediting agency. Degrees earned outside the United States shall be evaluated on a case by case basis by the Tennessee Supreme Court ADR Commission in order to determine whether the degree is substantially equal to a like or similar degree earned in this country in which degree, if earned in this country, would have been subject to the standards and academic quality which would be mandated by the defined accreditation process and procedure in this country.